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Big Dog Technologies, Inc.
Executive Summary
All Months

Starting date: Jan. 31, 1999
Ending date: April 21, 1999


Number of hits: 138062
Number of megabytes transferred: 1084.13
Number of pages viewed: 24714
Number of estimated visits: 8835
Number of unique hosts: 2793
Number of unique pages: 1264
Number of error hits: 8871
Number of unique errors: 260

Number of pages viewed per day: 308
Number of pages viewed per visit: 3
Length of visit: 3 minutes, 36 seconds
Number of visits per day: 110
Number of visits per week: 771
Number of visits per month: 3234

Top host:
Top domain: Unresolved
Most requested page: /
Most common path:   1. /
  2. /
  3. /
Top referrer: None
Top keywords: big dog
Most common error: /pbserver/pbserver.dll (Not Acceptable)
Most popular browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x
Most popular platform: Windows 95 / 98
Busiest month: March 1999
Busiest day of the week: Wednesday
Busiest time: 2 p.m. - 3 p.m.

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