To configure for mail:
  1. Open browser
  2. Select Edit, Preferences
  3. Double click Mail & News Preferences
  1. Double click Identity
  2. Fill in the section for Name, and your E-mail Address (
  3. Double click Mail Server

    1. Type in your User ID, and the Outgoing & Incoming mail servers with

    To configure for news:

    1. Double click Groups Server
    2. Under Discussion Groups (news) Server, fill in
    3. Select Communicator, Messenger Mailbox. A screen will pop up for Mail and Discussion Groups Setup. Click Next.

    1. . Fill in your Name, E-mail address, and the Outgoing mail server. Click Next.

    1. Fill in your User ID, Incoming Mail Server and POP 3 mail server type.
    1. Fill in the NNTP news server as
    2. Click Finish.