Learn About & Sample NetTracker

Learn About and Sample NetTracker TM

Are you waiting for your site to get noticed? You wouldn't market your organization armed with only your company logo, so why market your Web Site armed with only your Site's design? To establish a presence on the Web, you must learn how to position your company. One tool that BDT offers to clients is the NetTracker TM system. Using NetTracker TM, you can learn how visitors use your site with detailed reports, and modify your marketing plan for your Site and company! To learn more about using the NetTracker TM service, click here.

In addition, NetTracker TM can can be used to find what distinguishes your site from the rest. Use NetTracker TM to learn how you can register your site with the top search engines such as Yahoo! or Lycos so that your site is the first listed when someone does a search.

To obtain more information on how to market your site, click here.