Step 1:
Access Your Web Site

Get on the internet and enter your web address PLUS the name of your administration folder. For example:

Step 2: Logon

Completion of Step 1 causes a login box to pop up. Enter your user name and password. Click the "OK" button.


Step 3: Specify

Upon login, you are taken to a menu. This menu details the areas of your web site you may edit. Click on the area you would like to edit.

Step 4: Enter Data

into the boxes on the left of the screen. Then click the "Submit" button.

The right half of the screen displays the data which currently exists on the page you are editing. The left half contains fields for entering the new data.

The Finished Product :

Step 4 features an editing field used by our client Carlin, Charron & Rosen LLP. Click here to see how the updated page looks when displayed on their web site.