We offer different types of services to meet your needs. You can sign up for the most popular BDT services here.

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$20/Month-$0 Setup Fee: No other ISP gives you so much in a dialup account. No busy signals and high transfer rates should be expected. In addition, the ability to remotely manage your account, with options like Viewing your Invoices/Statements, Adding New Services, Viewing On-Line Usage, Editing Passwords and Account Information (and much more...), really puts the power of the Internet in your hands. This 56K dialup account includes full access to the Internet with an email adress of your choice.

$5/Month - $0 Setup Fee: Need additional E-Mail accounts or just a single E-Mail account? We offer 10 minute dial up access to your BDT account up to twelve times per day. This simple service provides the user an easy means to send and receive email at a very affordable monthly rate billed automatically to your credit card.