BDT maintains a comprehensive guide to DSL information. Using this guide, you can learn all necessary information regarding DSL installation, costs, benefits and disadvantages. If you have any questions regarding a DSL connection, do not hesitate to call BDT at (401) 331-4556 or email

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How much will it Cost?
  • BDT will charge the client $200.00 ( one time charge ) for installation of the circuit. This includes line/hardware checkout and router installation at the client premises. This fee does not include the extension of the demarcation point.

  • The client is responsible for all fees associated with extending the demarc location, LAN/WAN configuration, and client specific router configuration for NAT if required.

  • BDT can order the required hardware for the client at cost. BDT will not sell the hardware to the client, but simply order the hardware on behalf of the client. The client is the sole owner of the hardware.

  • 1. One Time Costs for DSL Modem/Router:

    Paradyne RADSL Router : $399.00 ( + Shipping and Handling )
    Paradyne MVL Router : $179.00 ( + Shipping and Handling )

    2. Monthly Recurring Rates:

    Residential Rates:
    Down Speed Up Speed
    384k 384k $99.95
    512k 512k $109.95
    384k 91k $69.95
    512k 91k $89.95
    768k 91k $99.95
    1.0M 91k $149.95
    1.0M 384k $189.95
    Business Rates:
    Down Speed Up Speed
    128k 128k $89.95
    256k 256k $179.95
    384k 384k $209.95
    512k 512k $269.95
    768k 768k $299.95
    1.0M 1.0M $349.95
    384k 91k $169.95
    512k 91k $194.95
    768k 91k $219.95
    1.0M 384k $249.95
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