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DSL Limitations

Current Limitations:

BDT's DSL product (as well as all of our competitors) has a distance limitation due to Bell Atlantic's provisioning. The distance Bell Atlantic will deliver a DSL qualified loop is 18,000 ft. (about 3 miles). This means that when you are using the mapping program to determine the distance between you and the co-location, 3 miles is a good benchmark but not a guarantee. The length of the copper wire between the co-location and the prospect's office may be more or less than the driving route reflected in the mapping program, so a definitive distance rule can not be given.

Please be aware of limitations when setting expectations for our DSL product. The key message is that DSL is a distance/speed sensitive technology, and availability of service can only be determined after we order the line with Bell Atlantic.

Future Limitations:

In the near future, Bell Atlantic has committed to providing BDT with qualified lines to provision DSL at further distances. Exact dates are not set at this time. Bell Atlantic is working to get their processes in place to be able to deliver this service. When Bell Atlantic makes these loops available to us, you will be notified.

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